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Rester and Coleman Engineers & Land Surveyors have been meeting the Surveying and Engineering needs of
home owners, commercial developers, and municipal governments for over 57 years in the Gulf Coast region. Our
staff includes Engineers, Land Surveyors, Engineering Interns, Survey Technicians, CAD Technicians, Construction
Inspectors and other support staff. We are located at 66 Midtown Park West in Mobile, Alabama. Our company
resume' includes performing a simple lot survey for a home closing to planning and designing projects such as the
Bel Air Mall, the 900+ acre Timbercreek Subdivision in Daphne, Al., or the New Mobile Infirmary Cancer Center
just to name a few. We will represent you through all of the processes required to get your project off of the
drawing board and constructed. Below are a sample listing of services we offer.
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